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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amazon planning to stick ads in Kindles

First, let me say I love the Melville House Books site (see sidebar), and many of their titles.

Here they report on Amazon's plan to stick advertising in your Kindle experience -- perhaps on the welcome screen, and perhaps even after you have paid for and been using a non-ad-infiltrated Kindle for years.

Interesting that an ad exec gets it that people won't like that, but I wonder if Bezos knows better. Of course we won't *want* to pay and then have to look at ads. Yet... cable TV gets away with it. At first, "pay TV" promised no ads, too. Now, the no ads channels are premium and even though we pay monthly for cable, we have to watch ads on most channels. Maybe Amazon is onto something akin to the frog in hot water thing -- if they introduce the ads gradually enough, they will slip by us. I don't own a Kindle, but I use the PC app. I'd uninstall it if it came to that, tho.


Beth said...

I have a Nook. No ads, please.

Murph said...

Adds in eBooks... call that one more nail in the coffin of me ever buying one of those things. I'll stick with good old paper books.

Zen of Writing said...

It worries me that they can that, change what's in your e-reader from afar.

Anonymous said...

I am generally just an observer when it comes to blogs, but this truly made me wish to leave a comment. Excellent work!