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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Burger That Wouldn't Die

One of these McDonald's burgers is twelve years old. Can you tell which one? Me neither.

Thanks to Boing Boing and Karen Hanrahan.


Karen Hanrahan said...

The one on the left is the one purchased in 1996.

Thanks for sharing.

Zany said...

I am gonna go with the one on the right.

Carol said...

I want one of those Welch's sandwich boxes!

But I never cared for McDonald's food , or "food", I guess is more accurate:) It was easy to avoid the place until my son started school and then of course, he started asking to get a Kid's Meal. So we made a deal that he could have a Kid's Meal once in a while as long as we said no to the useless plastic toys that come with them ( yes, I am mean ).This was about 13 years ago, perhaps McDonald's is more sensible now, but then, the kid at the counter would simply not let us leave without the toy, it was weird.Funny to think that the burger can outlast the plastic toy!

Zen of Writing said...

That is one weird thought, now that you mention it, the burger outlasting the toy.