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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vegetarian vs. Local vs. Organic and Fair Trade

Is it better to eat locally grown food, or to promote imported crops grown sustainably that support the rain forests? If we don't support sustainable rain forest crops, what can the farmers do except cut the trees down to sell the wood to make a living?

Interesting article at SF Gate.

I'm reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, in which the author insists repeatedly that it is okay to kill and eat animals, when what we really need is to hear that it is okay NOT to -- at least those of us who were raised with the four food groups/food pyramid nonsense.

Cuke photo from Howstuffworks.com Sorry I can't get it to link to the page.

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Carol said...

Really interesting article at SFGate, thanks.
My feeling is that one of the most important aspects of becoming aware of and utilizing local food sources is that it often leads to a greater awareness of where and how all the foods we consume are produced and for some, a renewed interest in partial self reliance through serious home gardening. In Vancouver ( my nearest big city ), a new magazine called EdibleVancouver will soon be launched. A bit of info here-http://www.ediblevancouver.com/