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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Free Mandatory Book Marks in the UK

A scheme to put thousands of advertisements into library books will find borrowers taking home a little more than they had bargained for.

Up to 500,000 inserts a month are due to be handed out by libraries in Essex, Somerset, Bromley, Leeds and Southend.

The plan is being run by the direct marketing company Howse Jackson, whose business development director Mark Jackson said the company was "very proud" of what he described as "a brand new channel" for direct marketing.

Sounds like a lot of extra paper to me, but I hope they will leave a little white space on the inserts. I am always making notes on book marks, and really appreciate it when there is enough space. Grocery store receipts, the kind without advertising on the back, are my favorites lately.


Carol said...

The receipts really are handy, and if you've done a big shopping there's enough room for an entire flash on the back. Of course if the milk's off and you have to surrender your receipt to get a fresh carton...actually that might be a way to get a couple of new readers in the office of the store :)

Zen of Writing said...

Ah, brilliant way to get new readers...