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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Time to Boycott All Chinese Products

Not just melamine, but now also cyanuric acid -- Another Chemical Emerges in Pet Food Case -- has been found in pet food, and the combination has been deadly.

Deaths from false glycerin may be in thousands. This was added to cough medicine that may have killed thousands of adults and children. China's response? Denial, mainly. Followed by foot-dragging.

I've noted before that the contaminated wheat gluten used in pet foods was "human grade" meaning it may have found its way into food for people as well. Wheat gluten is commonly used as an ingredient in bread. Glycerin is used in many products.


Lisa McMann said...

I've been watching these stories. It's devastating and sickening. What next?

Zen of Writing said...

I know. I hope people don't start getting sick also -- the stories of tainted cough medicine are chilling.