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Friday, April 6, 2007

Pet Food Recall and Human Food Safety

Does it need to be said, as the pet food recall continues, and now includes biscuits, that human food is subject to the same possibility of contamination? Another reason to buy locally grown, minimally processed food. Wheat gluten is not something you'd add to your food in your own kitchen, so why buy food that has added gluten? Yet I checked the two loaves of bread in the fridge and both had added gluten listed as ingredients. I read somewhere that Menu Foods used "human quality" gluten, meaning, that the same supplier could have sold the gluten that's in my bread.

It also makes you wonder what was going into pet food until now, that just wasn't detected. The cheap brands of pet food are something of a slow poison anyway, in my opinion, akin to feeding yourself a diet of very bad junk food. Dogs and cats get cancers and other diseases that are directly related to the garbage-like byproducts in the food we feed them -- feathers are a chicken "by-product" by the way.

At the very least, there should be procedures for testing pet food supplies for pets before animals start dying.

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